This is my flight controller for a DIY quadcopter I’m building, written in Rust and designed to be fully automated, with little or no interaction from a human pilot.


Krunch is a Kotlin parser/combinator library that I wrote for an Android budgeting app that will use hledger plain-text accounting files as the source for budgeting/financial info. It uses Kotlin’s inline function calls to make for easily understable parsers like this:

val transaction = datePair and status and optional(code) and description and
        followingComment and postings flatMap ::TransactionAST


Built using Rust and Gtk, this app for integrates Google Inbox with the GNOME Inbox, much like Boxy does for macOS.


Oxide is my toy operating system kernel, written primarily in Rust with a bit of assembly mixed in where needed. My first kernel was written in C++. My goal is to eventually implement a text-based user interface for the OS.


One of the largest projects I’ve worked on, Papyros was an operating system based on Arch Linux with a custom desktop environment and set core applications built around Wayland, Qt/QML, and Google’s Material Design guidelines. The project has sense merged into Liri, which I’m no longer actively contributing to.

QML Material

QML Material was a UI framework built on QtQuick and implementing Google’s Material Design guidelines. It’s since been superseded by QtQuick Controls 2.0.


Quickly was my attempt to improve JavaScript usage in QML by integrating Babel to support ES6+ features as well as offering a more Node.js-like environment, even to the point of supporting npm modules. I ran into issues getting that to work, and am not actively working on the idea.