About Me

I’m a conservative evangelical Christian and a software developer from St. Louis, MO. I currently work at Lelander, where I build mobile apps for Android and iOS, work on web apps occasionally, and help with automating stuff with Ansible, Jenkins, and Fastlane. I’m also a student at Liberty University, studying towards degree in Business Administration: Leadership. Outside of work and studies, I like to learn new programming languages and start various side projects that never get finished, as well as rewrite projects whenever I learn a new favorite language or framework.

My current favorite programming languages are Rust, Kotlin, and JavaScript (the modern stuff, ES6 and higher). I’ve used Rust to build a toy operating system kernel, and am currently using the language to build an autopilot flight controller for a DIY quadcopter as well as several Gtk desktop apps for GNOME and Linux. I used Kotlin to build a parser/combinator library called Krunch that I used for an hledger file parser in an Android budgeting app that hopefully I’ll get around to finishing and publishing in the Play Store. I also used Kotlin for solving some problems from Project Euler. I’ve used JavaScript for a bunch of stuff, including several React projects (a couple of which are Electron apps), as well as for integration with QML, Qt’s UI declaration language. You can find more details about these projects and others on my Projects page.